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A premier private dog training club focused on structure, boundaries, respect, effective training methods, and fostering lifetime harmonious relationships.

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Our Board and Train Programs

Tame Dog Training specializes in transforming your canine companions through our comprehensive board and train programs. Our expert trainers are dedicated to offering top-tier dog training programs that cater to dogs of all breeds and ages. We understand that all people and their dogs are unique and tailor our methods for each to ensure a safe, respectful, and effective training process 

All of our training programs build confidence, teach the essentials in obedience, eliminate problem behaviors, and will strengthen the bond between you and your dog.


We set a strong foundation here for puppies to build off until they are old enough for formal training to set you and your puppy on the right path.


This plan includes teaching the essentials of routine, structure, handling and on-leash obedience to establish clear communication with your dog.


Offers an excellent foundation to on and off-leash response and is ideal for solving most behavioral and obedience issues including mild to moderate anxiety and aggression.


Our elite plan that extends the training exponentially. We solidify the foundation by carrying over all of our training out into public places. This plan covers extreme cases of aggression and anxiety.

Witness a remarkable transformation in your dog.

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