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Tame Dog Training has extensive experience safely handling and successfully training pit bull dogs of all ages, sizes, temperaments, and aggression levels. 

Located in the DFW Metroplex, Tame Dog Training specializes in an extensive dog training camp for dog owners in Dallas, Allen, McKinney, and Plano.  Providing both on-leash and off-leash dog training sessions for pit bull over the age of eight months old, our expert trainers are prepared to transform your aggressive or tame dog into an obedient, loving, and calm animal.

If you are a pit bull owner and you notice signs of aggression, disobedience, and lack of social behaviors, we encourage you to invest in a board and train program to teach your dog taming practices.  At Tame Dog Training, we use a wide range of reward and correction techniques to accommodate each dog’s unique needs.

Dogs desire a loving relationship with their owner.  To establish a safe and healthy bond between you and your pit bull, we provide a safe environment for your dog to learn practical boundaries, such as returning to you when called, staying calm in exciting situations, and, in general, being well-behaved around all people.

At Tame Dog Training, we teach pit bulls obedience and boundaries through three extensive programs to create a healthy and loving bond between you and your dog—the basic on-leash training camp, the advanced off-leash training program, and the premium off-leash training camp.  Each of these programs is designed to help both tame and aggressive dogs learn social skills necessary for a healthy and safe relationship with you and other people.

The basic on-leash dog training camp is a one-week board and train program designed to help your pit bull learn how to sit, listen, and obey.  During the one-week stay, your dog will have 24/7 care and provision, become fully conditioned to a prong collar, engage in over 30 hours of hands-on dog training, and experience three education sessions with you, the owner.

During the advanced off-leash training camp, your pit bull will experience 24/7 care and provision for their entire two weeks of boarding and training.  With over 60 hours of hands on dog-training, your pit bull will become fully conditioned to a prong collar and a wireless collar, remove unwanted social behaviors like running through the front door, and receive four education sessions with you, the owner, to ensure new, healthy communication between you and your dog.

For a more extensive training camp, we offer the premier off-leash training camp for pit bulls struggling with aggression as well as for those that simply need additional time and attention.  This four-week board and train program includes full conditioning to a prong collar and wireless collar, over 90 hours of hands-on dog training, removal of unwanted social behaviors, four education sessions with you, the owner, and one check-up session that can be used anytime.

When the board and train program ends, your dog should be able to walk next to or behind you on a loose leash, sit or lay down calmly, regardless of distractions, until you call them, and return to you when called in any situation.

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