Bringing Home Your New Dog

Bringing home your new dog is an exciting but overwhelming time. We’ve put together our top 5 tips to make your dog’s transition to your new home as seamless as possible!

  1. Bring your dog straight to the vet: Schedule an appointment with your vet to have your new dog tested for both worms and Giardia BEFORE ever bringing it to your home. Parasites are difficult to get rid of once they infect your property. Your dog should be tested no matter where you get your dog from, even if it is from a professional breeder. For more info on parasites, read our Parasite Protocol
  2.  Be calm:  It’s ok to be excited but try to keep your interactions with your new dog calm and controlled. Build trust by being stable and predictable for your dog. 
  3.  Use a kennel: Have an appropriately sized kennel set up and waiting before your new dog’s arrival. Kennels help to establish a sense of order, routine, and boundaries for your new dog. We like to keep it simple and only add a cheap, soft towel in the kennel for bedding. 
  4.  Establish routine – Give your dog a sense of order by establishing a routine. Show the dog where to potty, where to drink, and where to eat. Feeding your dog in the kennel is an easy way to make the dog like the kennel. Keep water bowls outside of the kennel . 
  5. Keep the dog on a leash: Keeping your dog leashed gives you the ability to control your dog at all times. You can always guide your dog if they are wearing a leash. 

Focus on routine and relationship. Dogs make associations every day so do your best to Show, Teach, Explain what everything means. Keep the serious things serious and the light things light. Learn to agree and disagree with your do. Don’t forget to enjoy your new companion!

We are always here to help you navigate and learn more. 

For more information on our puppy plans visit our Puppy Plan page.

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