Doodle Training

Tame Dog Training has extensive experience safely handling and successfully training Doodles of all ages, sizes, temperaments, and aggression levels. 

If you have a disobedient or untrained golden doodle in the Plano, McKinney, Dallas, or Allen area, Tame Dog Training offers an extensive dog training camp to help establish obedience and boundaries for your dog.

Specializing in off-leash dog training for golden doodles, we offer three programs to help your dog learn to return off leash, remain calm in exciting situations, be well-behaved around all people, and more.  We use methods to improve the overall health and well-being of your golden doodle.

Whether your dog is aggressive or tame, if he or she lacks social behaviors or is disobedient, training camp can transform the dynamic between you and your golden doodle.   Dogs desire a loving relationship with people.  Our goal is to provide a safe environment to teach your golden doodle practical boundaries.

Our dog obedience classes are designed using taming techniques with varying degrees of rewards and corrections customized to each dog.  Rest assure that no matter what program you choose, your dog will be treated with respect.

The basic on-leash training camp is a one-week board and training program for golden doodles.  During this training, your dog will receive over 30 hours of hands-on dog training, removal of unwanted social behaviors like jumping and not listening, 24/7 care and provision, full conditioning to a prong collar, three education sessions to ensure new communication between you and your dog, and more.

In the advanced off-leash training camp, golden doodles board for two weeks and receive over 60 hours of hands-on training, full conditioning to a prong collar and wireless collar, four education sessions with you, the owner, 24/7 care and provision, and more.

Extensive training is available for golden doodles through the premier off-leash training camp.  During this four-week board and train program, dogs receive 24/7 care and provision, over 90 hours of hands-on dog training, high-level distraction proofing, full conditioning to a prong collar and wireless collar, and four education sessions with you, the owner, as well as one check-up sessions that can be used anytime.

Training camp and obedience classes are designed for golden doodles who are tame or aggressive, struggle with disobedience and lack of boundaries, and who get distracted easily.  At the end of the training camp, dogs learn to be relaxed on a loose leash when walking beside or behind you, calmly sit and lay down until they’re called, and return to you when called in any situation.

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