Tame Dog Training's Methods

The dog gets to determine what is valuable to them. We just observe and discover what is meaningful to shape their behavior.

Engagement and Motivation

Everything begins and ends with relationship and starts the moment we take the leash. We must learn the unique response for each dog with everything we train and condition with. There are dozens of dog personas with unique combinations of pressure sensitivity and desired consequences. 

Teaching Associative Learning

Dogs are simple association creatures and have some different rules for how they process information than we do. We use and teach the correct formula and have created our own system to condition involuntary responses to a variety of signals. We also condition the dogs to tools and equipment and everything else in the environment.

Tactile feedback - Pressure, proximity, and distance

Dogs only process physical information, and we are able figure out what they need very quickly and adjust accordingly

Positive and negative reinforcement

This just means we add things the dog likes and release pressure to motivate


We withhold things the dog likes to change their behavior

Wireless Communication

We condition the dog to e-collars using our own unique process

Fair Corrections

We use fair corrections to discourage and eliminate unwanted mistakes. Show, teach, explain, and then hold accountable. We view corrections as holding the dog accountable to something they should know based on what we have already taught.


We use a wide range of affection and touch for dogs that appreciate it


Punishment means to reduce, stop, or inhibit behavior – we are really good at it

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