What is Tame Dog Training?

Tame Dog Training is a private club that puts people first. We provide the best all-inclusive board and train packages available that specialize in training the full spectrum of pet dogs, wireless collar conditioning for off-leash response, and stopping extreme cases of aggression and anxiety. We love to teach our clients and take care of their dogs whenever they need.

Functional Obedience

We establish a foundation of obedience and train dogs to perform in various environments regardless of distractions. We start with conditioning basic foundations and create layers of response that are not done anywhere else.  Alongside our responsibility to treat every dog with respect, we teach dogs to be obedient, creating life-saving boundaries for people to have with their dogs. Through a variety of tools and training methods we create healthy human to dog relationships that decrease frustration and enhance enjoyment.

Signature Training

We work with all types of dog breeds, temperaments and ages. In working with the full spectrum of dogs, we use varying degrees of reward and correction tailored to each individual dog. We have our baseline standards we believe should be in place for every household and are flexible where we can be since relationships and desires are so dynamic.

Healthy Relationships

Dogs are capable of loving healthy relationships with people. Tame Dog Training provides a great environment that establishes practical boundaries such as staying inside while the door is open, respond and return off leash, remain calm in exciting situations, and be well behaved around all people.


We have a responsibility to uplift people and treat them with an abundance of respect. The same goes for dogs. All our training methods and strategies work to improve the overall health and well-being of both people and dogs.

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