Customer Service

     We pride ourselves on clearly and transparently communicating with our clients and being addicted to customer service.

     Dog training is uncharted territory for pet owners, so we make every effort to simplify the process and make sure that we fully explain every aspect of our training.

     Communication is imperative when interacting with dogs, but we believe it is even more important when interacting with our clients. We provide clients with in-person, hands on instructional sessions.

     Tame Dog Training designs these in-person instructional sessions to enable clients to use all the strategies and equipment exactly as we do. You will be able to reward, correct and love your dog in a way that encourages your dog to obey commands in the house, outside and off-leash.

     We stay connected. We follow up with an email after your final in-home instructional session, and we encourage clients to call Tame Dog Training with any and all questions or concerns.

     We also maintain a social media presence that makes ongoing communication with Tame Dog Training very easy. If any of the strategies or tools do not work as designed, then Tame Dog Training will provide additional instruction customized to your specific at-home situation. We really want to help.

Our Lifetime Guarantee

     We guarantee our training for the rest of your dog’s life. You can always return for a free touch-up session at our location as long as it pertains to the training you have already received.

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