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Tame Dog Training has extensive experience safely handling and successfully training German Shepherds of all ages, sizes, temperaments, and aggression levels. 

At Tame Dog Training, we specialize in fully functional on-leash and off-leash dog training for German shepherds.  If you live in the Allen, Plano, McKinney, or Dallas areas, we offer three thorough training camp programs to help your German Shepherd learn obedience and boundaries.  We work with dogs over the age of eight months who are tame or aggressive and need on-leash training or off-leash training.

Our goal at Tame is to create a healthy relationship between you and your German shepherd.  To decrease frustration and ensure a mutual bond and respect.  Through our programs, your dog will learn the foundation of obedience regardless of distractions.  We understand that some dogs have an aggression that needs to be addressed.  We work with aggressive German shepherds in a respectful manner, creating life-saving boundaries for both dogs and people.

Whether your needs are to tame aggression, teach your dog to stay inside while the door is open, remain calm in exciting situations, or respond and return off the leash, our dog trainers are educated and experienced to help weave the nature of your German shepherd into your routine.

There’s an incredible connection that takes place between dogs and people.  And our training camp programs are designed around that bond.  We have three different programs that build a genuine bond between you and your dog.

Our basic on-leash program is a one-week board and train program for German shepherds who are aggressive, disobedient, or need established boundaries.  During this training camp, your dog will receive 24/7 care and provision, a mini core equipment package (not including a wireless collar), full conditioning to a prong collar, removing unwanted social behaviors, three education sessions with you, the owner, over 30 hours of hands-on dog training, and more.

Advanced off-leash training camp is a two-week training camp for German shepherds.  During this two-week program, your dog will have 24/7 care and provision, over 60 hours of hands-on dog training, a core equipment package that includes a wireless collar, removing unwanted social behaviors, four education sessions with you, the owner, and full conditioning to a prong collar and a wireless collar.

For aggressive German shepherds who need more in-depth training, we offer the premier off-leash training camp.  During this program, dogs receive 24/7 care and provision, four education sessions with you, the owner, one check-up session that can be used anytime, over 90 hours of hands-on dog training, high-level distraction proofing, removing unwanted social behaviors, and more.

At the end of the program, your German shepherd should be relaxed and on a loose leash when walking next to or behind you, should calmly sit or lay down, even with distractions, until you call them, and in any situation should return to you when called.

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