Premier is our elite plan that extends the training exponentially. We solidify the foundation by carrying over all of our training out into public places. This plan covers everything and manages extreme cases of aggression and anxiety during the dog’s 31-day board and train program.

You will receive:

  • 2 private sessions at our facility to teach and walk you through the training
  • 2 private follow-up sessions at your location
  • TDT complete equipment package We include $400 of equipment containing all the tools you need to succeed at home: leash & prong collar, wireless collar, bonker, and place cot.
  • TDT information packet containing an overview and outline of the training
  • TDT Training Theory videos explaining everything you need to know about our system, philosophy, and methods
  • TDT lifetime training guarantee: You can always return to us for a free session at our location for the rest of your dog’s life (as long as it pertains to the training they have already received)
  • TDT private club membership with exclusive access to member only boarding service. Dogs go right back into training every time they board with us at a less expensive rate.

During your dog’s time here they will receive: 

  • Wireless collar response in front of rabbits, cats, and squirrels 
  • Beef lung treats hand fed daily
  • Daily walks and leash training
  • Controlled exposure to other dogs in a working kennel environment – Dogs eat, sleep, work, and walk around a variety of other dogs 
  •  Specialized training for handling moderate to severe aggression and anxiety
  •  2 weeks of public training trips to local businesses such as Lowes, pet stores, patios, and cafes.

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