Our Standard Plan is our most popular, and offers an excellent foundation to on and off-leash response during the dog’s 17-day board and train program. This is ideal for solving most behavioral and obedience issues including mild to moderate anxiety and aggression. 

You will receive:

  • 2 private sessions at our facility to teach and walk you through the training
  • 1 private follow-up session at your location 
  • TDT complete equipment package We include $400 of equipment containing all the tools you need to succeed at home: leash & prong collar, wireless collar, bonker, and place cot.
  • TDT information packet containing an overview and outline of the training
  • TDT Training Theory videos explaining everything you need to know about our system, philosophy, and methods
  • TDT lifetime training guarantee: You can always return to us for a free session at our location for the rest of your dog’s life (as long as it pertains to the training they have already received)
  • TDT private club membership with exclusive access to member only boarding service. Dogs go right back into training every time they board with us at a less expensive rate.

During your dog’s time here they will receive: 

  • Wireless collar response in front of rabbits, cats, and squirrels
  • Beef lung treats hand fed daily
  • Daily walks and leash training
  • Controlled exposure to other dogs in a working kennel environment – Dogs eat, sleep, work, and walk around a variety of other dogs 
  •  Specialized training for handling moderate to severe aggression and anxiety


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