Frequently Asked Questions

Tame requires the following vaccinations for the safety and well-being of all dogs that undergo our training:

  • Rabies
  • Bordatella
  • Distemper
  • Fecal test (test for parasites) – Worms and Giardia

Dogs do not need to be fixed. We train fully intact male and female dogs, but we do not train female dogs currently in heat. We are happy to work with our customers to train your dog before or after she is in heat.


Our standard policy is to take dogs to a 24 hour veterinary hospital in the event of a medical emergency. We will contact you immediately if anything out of the ordinary comes up.

We don’t allow casual visits when your dog is here. We schedule client training sessions before your dog completes the board and train program. We make sure clients are comfortable with all of Tame’s training techniques before your dog returns home.

Our Puppy Plan starts dogs as early as 3 months old. We train dogs after they are around 6 months for our formal programs because they are developed enough to process and retain the training commands. We do not have an age limit for older dogs.

We offer a special boarding option for any dog that has gone through our training before. We reserve this ONLY for previous clients as a courtesy because we take extra time to refresh the dog on their board and train program.

Yes of course! Dogs don’t ever forget their owners and are always happy to see them after training is completed. 

At this time we only offer training services and are not set up to brush, bathe, or groom dogs while they’re here. We do bathe dogs if there is an accident!

Our training is guaranteed for the lifetime of your dog as long as it pertains to the training your dog has already received.

Your dog’s personality and temperament will stay the same during training with us! The only thing that changes is their behavior and response to different signals.

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