Our Story

We love dogs, we just love people more.

     Tame Dog Training is a private club that offers head-to-toe dog training for the full spectrum of people and their dogs. With membership to our club comes exclusive services for you to use for the lifetime of your dog.


     Tame Dog Training was founded by Matt Ganim in 2015. Matt was inspired to build a business that expresses his life’s mission for serving people. He also wanted to bring to fruition his creative ingenuity. Matt’s personality and imagination are larger than life and his main purpose is to create as many good things and help as many people as possible.

     What started as a one-man-band has grown into a cultivated team of like-minded people striving to maximize the care of people, families, and their dogs. Tame Dog Training has grown immensely because of the great people we have had the honor of serving over the years. Our innovative techniques and unique style go above and beyond any dog training or boarding services on planet earth.

     Matt has always been a people-person and a dog-guy (as much as anyone is). He grew up with family dogs since he was a small boy and has always been extra curious about life and animals. He started training his first personal dog at the age of 20 – the precise time that he became more seriously interested in studying behavior. Matt’s dad is a cognitive and behavioral psychologist and is the source of his initial fascination with behavior.  His dad demonstrated that combining timely and appropriate positive reinforcement with contingent punishment produces incredible behavioral outcomes in people. Matt learned that clarifying rules and establishing boundaries is what necessarily helps form optimal relationships for all creatures. His dad’s clear thinking and communication about behavior modification led Matt to explore something remarkably similar with both people and dogs. This eventually developed into Matt training thousands of dogs and teaching people about everything he learned.


     Matt’s interest peaked 17 years ago when he noticed friends and family harshly correcting and inappropriately praising their dogs, which seemed to increase their pets jumping on people, not coming when called, and generally behaving uncontrolled. Knowing that dogs naturally conform to order, like everything in the known universe, he started practicing behavior modification on every dog he could get his hands on, including his own, to find a solution. 

“Matt has organized a system that collaboratively weaves the nature of dogs into the routine of people.”

     After realizing his calling to improve the relationships of owners and their dogs, Matt self-studied for almost a decade and then traveled to learn from some of the most highly successful dog trainers in the United States. Some of the trainers Matt has traveled to study under are, Larry Krohn with Pak Masters, Gary Wilkes with Click and Treat (Gary started clicker training for dogs) Jeff Gellman with Solid K9 Training, and Sean O’Shea with The Good Dog. After investing thousands of hours studying and working with dogs, Matt put together his own methods and process and launched Tame Dog Training. He has organized a system that collaboratively weaves the nature of dogs into the routine of people.

A Note From Matt

     Working with people and dogs is incredibly rewarding because good relationships are everything. The connection that people form with animals is remarkable in how much it can teach us about life and show us about ourselves. Dogs should complement our lives, not wreak havoc at the center of our homes and families. My theory is that since relationships with animals are less complicated, because they are simple creatures, they actually help anchor us and keep us down to earth. We entertain so much complexity in life through our greater relationships with family and friends, ideas like politics and religion, and our careers, we need something light and fun-loving to enjoy in order to remain sane. Dogs don’t need an explanation.

     I think a lot of us have this dream to return to the Garden of Eden, where the lion and the lamb can lay down together in perfect peace and harmony. Though I believe that will happen one day, I don’t think it’s here yet. I do know that so much can be reorganized with the dogs that live with us, and a few small changes with a dog’s behavior can enhance our lives in unbelievable ways.

     Thinking about all of this led me to create a system that helps build a genuine and realistic bond between people and their dogs. Dogs living inside our homes is a brand new phenomenon – 40 years ago, there weren’t dogs living in homes eating choice food and sleeping with people. I think this is an amazing part of our current culture and signifies how much our cup overflows. Even our dogs have good and better lives. We are able to elevate animals to join us in a greater civilization.

      I am so grateful to fulfill my opportunity and ability to serve people to the capacity that we do and am excited to continually grow into something beyond myself. Plus, working with people and training dogs is such a great process and has made me a better person.

-Matt Ganim


Meet the Team

Matt Ganim

Owner - Philosopher King

Trainer rewards a seated Great Dane with chin scratches in a park, showcasing gentle dog training methods.

Haley Diaz

Project Development and Design Strategist

Raechel Allen

Training Manager

Brandon Johnson


Cheryl Bell



Marketing Adventurer

Carter Green

Photography and Videography

Our Vision

     Our goal is to expand across North Texas with multiple locations starting with Dallas and Frisco. We will offer private veterinary care, grooming, and our own store to provide just about everything dog owners need.

     Our McKinney location will eventually turn into our headquarters for all of our brands. Current sister companies being created are Bone Dog Treats, The Dog Food Company, and Pet Life CBD.

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