Diarrhea Protocol

What to do when a dog has diarrhea

This is a general guideline for handling mild cases of loose or runny poop. If your dog is having chronic issues there may be an underlying issue that requires a vet.

  • Skip all food and treats until the dog’s system has completely dried out. If the dog continues to have any diarrhea, do NOT feed it anything. This usually requires skipping one meal but can sometimes be two meals. If the dog’s situation is not improving or getting worse there could be a deeper issue. You may need to return the dog to its normal diet and consult a vet.
  • 1st meal back: Substitute the dog’s food completely with only plain rice and/or pumpkin. We also advise adding a probiotic to help your dog’s digestive system as well as a gastric absorbent supplement such as Canine Biosponge or Endosorb. 
  • 2nd meal back: If the dog is still normal, add half the dog’s normal food plus rice and/or pumpkin. 
  • 3rd meal back: If the dog still has no diarrhea, they can return to their normal diet. 
  • Skip all treats until the dog is normal again!

 Water is vital! 

Diarrhea can dehydrate a dog quickly. Make sure your dog is getting plenty of water

Use discretion – Talk to a vet if you are concerned about your dog’s safety or well- being.

Anti-Diarrheal Supplements

We recommend adding an anti-diarrheal supplement to your dog’s diet while they are having diarrhea. Biosponge is a powder or paste that can be purchased directly from Platinum Performance. Endosorb is a tablet can be purchased from Chewy