Tame Dog Training has extensive experience safely handling and successfully training Pomeranians of all ages, sizes, temperaments, and aggression levels. 

At Tame Dog Training, we want our customers in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex to have a sense of pride in their pet’s ability to listen and obey—on and off the leash.  If you have a Pomeranian that needs help learning obedience and boundaries, consider the benefits of our training camp programs.

We specialize in fully functional on-leash and off-leash dog training for beagles in the Allen, Dallas, McKinney, and Plano areas.  Choose from among our three training camps and experience the joy of a healthy relationship between you and your Pomeranian.

If your Pomeranian is over the age of six months old, is aggressive, or just needs some help in obedience, our board and train programs can transform your dog.  Our goal, through each of our training camps, is to create a healthy bond between you and your Pomeranian, decrease frustration, establish a mutual bond, and create life-saving boundaries for both dogs and people.

When we train Pomeranians, we offer dog obedience classes and beagle training to ensure the best outcome possible.  Our trainers have the utmost respect for your dog and will help weave the nature of your pomeranian into your daily routine.

Some of the benefits of our programs include teaching your dog to stay inside while the door is open, remain calm in exciting situations, and to respond and return off the leash (if you go through the off-leash programs).  We have three programs to help you build a genuine bond with your Pomeranian.

The basic on-leash program is a one-week board and train program for Pomeranians who are tame or aggressive, struggle with obeying, and need established boundaries.  During the training camp, you will receive a mini core equipment package, full conditioning to a prong collar, three education sessions with you, the owner, and over 30 hours of hands-on dog training as well as 24/7 care and provision by our experts.

For off-leash training, we offer the advanced training camp.  This two-week program is designed for beagles who need unwanted social behaviors removed.  During their stay, your dog will have 24/7 care and provision, over 60 hours of hands-on dog training, four education sessions with you, the owner, and full conditioning to a prong collar and a wireless collar.  You will also receive a core equipment package.

For Pomeranians who need extra training, we offer the premier off-leash training camp.  During this program, dogs receive 24/7 care and provision, four education sessions with you, the owner, over 90 hours of hands-on dog training, high-level distraction proofing, and one check-up session that can be used anytime.

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